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Web development specialist with creative and critical mind. A not-so-geek person that want to share his thoughts and knowledge through writing

Last time, I was involved in React web page optimization project based on Google Lighthouse metrics. It was clear how to increase the performance of each metrics as there are lots of workarounds out there to help. The exception is one metric I overlooked at the beginning but turned out played an important part in the web performance: Critical Rendering Path.

What is critical rendering path?

According to

The Critical Rendering Path is the sequence of steps the browser goes through to convert the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into pixels on the screen.

PS: If you need a more in-depth explanation about the critical…

Some of you might have been familiar with unit testing. Some of you might not. In React development, it might come to confusion whether you should have unit testing on it.

Well, you don’t have to be confused because the answer is always…

Absolutely YES

However, front-end unit testing is tricky. Might be (if not always be) more tricky than back-end unit testing one. On the back-end, we mostly test the functionality or API output according to a certain input. But in front-end, there are more things involved: styling, rendering, user interaction flow, etc.

So how to implement the unit…

This is the era of internet and social media. Every kinds of information is available on internet. Every people thoughts, experiences, moments, or memories is likely shared to any social media. Admit it, now you prefer reading news or article in internet or social media rather than reading newspaper or book, don’t you?

So do you think I want to say that social media and internet impact to change our reading habits?

Yes, but that’s not the main point. Actually, internet articles and social media posts are still reading stuff. As long as you still want to read, that’s still…

People are sometimes confused when they have to make writings. Some people are failed in writing assignment or submission, even though they think they already write their best. They have put the whole words in their head into a writings but others still not appreciate their writings. They have explain everything comes in their mind but reader still can’t understand what the writer means to explain.

Everyone can write, but not everyone can write well, right?

But how?

I often write some kinds of writings for some different purpose — mostly articles and academic writings. I admit that I might…

Sonny Prakoso

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